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It’s a common thing that when we get into a serious relationship and spend quite a lot of time together we draw this conclusion that this is the person we’ll be tying the knot with, but can’t decide when and whether the marriage would be successful or not. When marriage is on the cards, no one wants to make a wrong decision in that. For that matter, we might not know how many dates it might take to make up our mind and heart about marriage but science seems to have found a solution to this.

The researchers at Emory University surveyed around 3,000 married and separated couples and analyzed their relationship. Curiously, the study concluded that couples who dated for one to two years, when compared to the ones who dated for even less than a year, had about 20 percent fewer chances of getting separated.
The research also came out with this fact that couples who dated each other for three years or more were around 50 percent less likely to get divorced or separated, could be because of the level of mutual trust and understand for such long years.

Knowing your partner thoroughly, before getting hitched, helps. The couples who claimed to know each other ‘very well’ before marriage were also 50 percent less likely to head for a divorce.
Another study carried out at the Penn State University also has some interesting stuff to say. The researchers analyzed the relationship of 168 newlywed couples for a time period of 14 years. The research concluded that the couples that dated for an average of 25 months before tying the knot were most happily married.

All these studies come down to the conclusion that the longer the time you spend with your partner, the more you get to know each other. Also, never forget that exceptions are always there and there is no magic number that can assure a happily-ever-after relationship.

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