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The most random and ridiculous things bought by some Hollywood celebrities, because they are rich. So rich!

When you have everything in your life, and can also afford wasting money, means you are now showing it off. And these celebrities are proof of it. As we are told since childhood, that money can’t buy happiness, but Hollywood celebrities are showing that it can certainly get a lot.

From expensive bathtub to gold leggings, check out the extravagant- and occasionally ridiculous purchases from your favorite stars!


She is rich, so rich! And to show her richness she bought a bathtub and is exactly made of her body shape. She didn’t reveal the price, but I don’t think you really wanted to know.


This stunning pop star, don’t buy a simple pair of leggings when she can afford a pair of gold ones. Queen B once spent US$100,000 on a pair of gold leggings.

Johnny Depp

He is a huge wine lover and spends more than any wine lovers on his wine. The actor reportedly spends more than US$30,000 a month on wine for personal consumption that is crazy.

Paris Hilton

You may be thinking that spending US$325,000 on a normal house is casual among stars, but what if tell you that she spent that exactly the same amount for her doghouse.

Tinie Tempah

The famous rapper once bought the Nike Air Mag trainers worn by Marty McFly in ‘Back To The Future II”. And the price for this he paid is- $37,000.

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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