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What starts with a fool’s day later becomes a month which has all sorts of excitement, adrenaline & drama attached to it. Be it Game of Throne, Marvel movies, Wrestlemania, IPL and what not comes with a heavy dose of entertainment. But the year 2019 and the month of April is a bit different this time around. This April defines an undying legacy and a decade of flawless storytelling that has kept the fans on the edge of their seats. As doctor strange said to Tony Stark, “We are in the ENDGAME now”,

The future of Westeros
It has been more than 520 days that the fans have eagerly waited for the hour that defines who sits on the Iron Throne and rules the seven kingdoms. The last episode of season 7 just had a tiny indication about how intense the drama would be in season 8. HBO after the completion of season 7 had announced that they required more than a year’s time to shoot the finale season just to add to the impact it requires. Since then the fans have eagerly waited in hopes of a magical finale season and the newly out promos have done a hell lot of justice to the expectation that has been set. It finally airs from today (14th April) and we all know that Winter is finally here, for one last time.

The fall of our heroes
If the sources are to be believed, Marvel’s upcoming gigantic release Avengers Endgame broke the record for advance bookings in merely six hours. That is some earth shattering response which Marvel has earned through its sheer hard work. What started with Iron Man has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Fans do not know what the movie holds for them but they definitely know that the movie is going to change the game for Marvel in a very big way. Most of the iconic superhero actors including Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo & Robert Downey Jr. are done with their Marvel contracts and that brings this universe to close after endgame releases of 26th April 2019.

Two generation defining stories, one on TV and the others on the silver screen. But as they say, every good thing comes to a close, but somehow they forgot to tell us that even the phenomenal things end.

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