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Are 2019 elections about social media? Well seems like, from the time Election Commission announced the election dates there have been a pretty change in how elections are fought this year.

What role is social media or new tech playing in this election:

1. New Age Election Symbols:

When voters are caught up in the digital age and elections are actually fought on the social media, the old elections symbols do not relate with the voters much, that is the reason probably why Election commission has released the tech symbols for the independent political parties who are fighting the elections.

From bullock cart to broom and lantern to CCTV, MOUSE, and LAPTOP AND PENDRIVE are the symbols of the digital age.

2. Social media monitoring

This Lok Sabha election has another change which clarifies that the role social media has to play this election. For the very first time, there has been monitoring of social media accounts of political parties, where they have to mention about the expenditure on social media. They cannot campaign through advertorials without mentioning about the expenditure.

3. Fake news

A lot of steps have been taken to monitor the Fake news this election. One of such norm includes reducing the number of forwards at a time on the Whatsapp. Also one cannot add in What Sapp group without the permission of anyone.

4. Whatsapp marketing

While political parties have been using social media for campaigning from the past, this year this number has proportionally increased. Both parties have spent a huge amount on Whatsapp marketing.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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