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We all see how much celebrities glows, undoubtedly their skin care routine is very far from ours. They use really nice products that are so expensive. Moreover, they have their personal skin care experts and nutritionists that we can’t have, right! But we cannot ignore that celebs also put lots of makeup and expensive highlighters to make their skin look glowy all the time.

We try to re-create their looks and the most important thing in celebrities’ makeup are a highlighters. If you go to the market and search for them, you will get so many options, right from low-cost to an expensive one. Low-cost illuminators or highlighter are not that much effective. And those which are effective and gentle to the skin are so expensive.

So, I have found the solution in between this. I use three products as a highlighter and I must say they are so good, easy to find and inexpensive. Scroll down to know what these products are:

1. Argon Oil

Since I am using argan oil (almost a year, I guess) I can see the difference in makeup and on my skin. If you ask me, I will say that I use argan oil as the primer, in my skincare routine, and also as a highlighter. I usually mix one drop of argan oil in my go-to foundation, it gives me a subtle dewy look. After applying a little bit of blush on my face, rather than applying highlighter, I prefer applying argan oil serum on the ample of my cheeks, Nose Bridge and forehead. I don't make my face look oily instead give me a natural glow-look.

2. Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm

Maybe it seems silly to you, but really the product is for multi-purpose. I use one drop of it on my cheeks on my daily-office makeup look. It never feels sticky, as I blend Elle 18 Juicy lip balm in color peach with my fingers well, and it creates the illusion of natural glow.

3. Vaseline

The multiple uses of Vaseline are no more hidden from many of us, right! So, sometimes when I am in the office or somewhere, and I don’t have anything to make my cheeks instantly glow, I use Vaseline. Yes, I always keep it in my bag and use its little quantity on my cheeks and nose. I also use it as a base on my lips before applying any lipstick.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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