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Before and during parting nobodies thinks about next morning, and this is so usual happen with most of us. We get drunk and dance whole night, and when we wake in the morning a nasty headache was taunting us, right? If my story seems real to you, then you are not going anywhere unless you finish the dose of this article.

Nursing a horrible headache? Don’t worry I won’t give you more, actually I some things that can fix your hangover headache, right here.

Just scroll down to check these easy foods to make your brain neutral.

1. Bananas

Due to the alcohol consumption water in the body gets blocked and the production of the hormones stops, so when you eat a banana in the morning it helps in replenishing the production of hormones that hold water in the body and again you start feeling well.

2. Eggs

After drinking alcohol your body has decreased the count of storage of glutathione from the body, and in result, your body becomes unable to breakdown the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism. If you eat eggs in breakfast can increase glutathione in your body and improve your health after a hangover.

3. Watermelon

Headache after hangover may be associated with the dehydration in the body and decreased the blood flow to the brain. While eating watermelon in the morning fulfill your body’s water need and also increase the blood flow.

4. Pickles

After hangover, eating a pickle or drinking its brine is another great way to get over your hangover, because it boosts your sodium level and helps you from getting over a hangover.

5. Crackers

Might it seem silly- waking up with a nasty headache and eating cracker, right? But you know what, when the liver is processing alcohol, it no longer focuses on regulating blood sugar. Thus, eating the crackers can increase your blood sugar during a hangover, as it is the fast-acting carbs.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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