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Well said, that “entrepreneurship is not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”. And while seeing Paper Boat this line seems to be true, and the mind behind this is- Neeraj Kakkar, an ex-Coca-Cola employee. We are always amazed by Paper Boat drinks and how interestingly they incorporate marketing tactics in their business plans.

Neeraj Kakkar in the one who made his dream come true. With already existing Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the Indian beverage industry, many wouldn’t think of competing with these. But it was Neeraj who had the courage of doing this, by planting some amazing marketing tactics that have attracted such a huge crowd towards the brand. He holds the MBA degree and moreover has the passion and belief that he could work upon some idea that is big and creative. So as we have amazing drinks of Paper Boats that take us back to our childhood memories.

So let us check today about the amazingly creative ways that Neeraj and team have used to make Paper Boat that much popular.

Indian Traditional Ingredients

We Indians are so much sense about our traditions and we hold our childhood memories in our heart for long, so as Neeraj thought and use this with a creative idea. He thought of introducing drinks that are made up of Indian traditional ingredients that every kid till 90s had had, and now after seeing all of them again they will surely drink it and share with their relatives and family members to regain those Sweet-Sour memories. Paper Boat made the people ‘taste the memories’.


In the name of Paper Boat itself we all had so many memories, right? All the 80s and 90s kids must remember their childhood stories of rain and of course those tiny floating paper boats. Moreover, these guys have introduced their 10 different flavors that used to be the most favorite ‘Aam Panna’ and ‘Jaljeera’, ‘Ginger Lemon Tea’, ‘Aamras’, ‘Kokum’, ‘Jamun’ etc.

Value For Customers

Unlike others, they valued for customers and this is the reason that they can make an emotional connect with their customers. Although Paper Boat beverages are not another product to drink, it is a bridge to express and revive their childhood memories. They also have a Facebook page dedicates to their Paper Boat beverages and childhood memories. If you explore the page, you instantly feel connected with the company after seeing their amazing illustrations from childhood.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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