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Sometimes, all you want to do is leave your troubles behind, and fall into the world of web series or movies and youth surely loves doing that. We are so much obsessed about watching them then there is a never-ending list of new shows. The world of entertainment is the one which drives the youth crazy and no one can actually match their level of craziness.

Well, while I was just captivated by the thoughts of my school time I remember how much trouble was it for us to cram our curriculum, especially learning the history chapters was the biggest pain in the ass. We all struggled hard to memorize so many facts.

But when it comes to the world of movies and web shows, we have beaten all those records of memorizing things. Don’t you get surprised when you see that a child who failed miserably in his school time because learning things was not just his cup of tea can actually memorize everything when it comes to shows?

1. We struggle hard to learn our school curriculum but the lyrics of the songs are on tips.

2. Where we hardly remember what was taught in the history books, movie scenes are stored in our mind scene to scene.

3. Completing assignment was such a big task but we can clearly write series reviews as much we would be asked to.

4. We may or may not know about basic GK questions but no one can beat our knowledge when it comes to movies.

5. We were scared to perform in our school but today we can mimic so well everything.

6. While no one ever liked to appear in any exam but when it comes to getting test our memory about songs we all loved Antakshari.

7. We were never interested to give our ideas related to academics but we surely have a list of qualifying musts of new web shows.

It’s strange but the interesting reality of every youth because when it comes to shows we just love them adores them.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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