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If you are going to get married soon and you want to look fit and beautiful for that day, then you should take care of some important things in your diet. Let's tell you some important tips for looking fab on your wedding day:
1) In such a short time, when you want to reduce obesity, keep in mind that the amount of food should not be reduced at all. The body needs 1200 calories per day. In this case, you should not take less than 1000 calories in any situation. Otherwise, It will cause fatigue and lack of energy.
2) Avoid oily and spicy foods. Focus on low-calorie food, boiled vegetables will also be beneficial. If you want to have a diet without sugar, soup, green tea, coconut water, lemonade can be a good option for that, and it is also quite easy to make them.
3) Avoid having biscuits, bread, snacks, chocolates or chips. Whatever you are eating try to make it at home to avoid having added sugar.
4) Add more than 4 fruits, vegetables, salads and dry fruits to the diet. This will not reduce the nutrition of your body and energy will remain intact. Apart from this, your stomach will also be full and thus you will not feel hungry or the urge to munch.
5) Walk around 1 hour in the morning and evening and do cardio exercises. Apart from this Yoga will also result in getting a perfect shape. Try to drink water in large quantity.
6) Take lemon-honey or cinnamon powder in warm water in the morning. If you want, you can also take lemon juice or ginger water as it is also helpful in reducing weight.
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