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Is there a plan to go to a Venue alone on New Year's party? Or have you been with friends for the party, but do not want to come back late by booking a cab at night? If so, even if you are booking a well-known company's cab, you need to be very cautious.
Let's know the precautions that everyone should take before taking a cab in terms of safety:
1) First of all, try not to return too late from a party alone or with any stranger that you saw or met at the party. Keep your phone always with you even if somebody is asking to keep it for you.
2) Try to book a cab from your mobile and do not sit in any cab without booking. Even if it has a logo of the company because it is not necessary that the logo is true.
3) If there are many people sitting in the cab you booked do not take that cab. It is not necessary that they are real riders, they can also be a gang. Try to book a cab just for yourself and locate the driver through maps.
4) When you sit in a cab you get information about the driver on your mobile, which you can send to someone familiar. You will not have any driver information if you sit in a cab without booking. Share your location with your friends and family.
5) If you don’t book a cab and sit in a normal taxi it cannot be tracked so avoid doing that.
6) Don’t share your personal information or any details with the driver. Don’t be overfriendly with them.
7) Call your friends or family once you book a cab and ask them to call you within a short span of time. Don’t be on phone constantly when you are the cab. Open your maps and see the direction that the driver is taking.
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