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There’s this very famous saying “You want something done, give it to a busy person”? And there’s something very true about this saying. So how do they make it despite a thousand works up there sleeve? Here are their secrets from the life coach who helps them making it all happy at the end:

1. They prioritize sleep, eating right, and exercise
Make breakfast the biggest meal of the day, then taper down the rest of the day. Exercise every morning, make it part of the routine. Exercise makes you feel fit and happy. Make sure you don’t make the clock strike midnight when you sleep. Make a good sleeping pattern. Make sleeping one of the biggest priorities of your life.

2. They’re concerned about their emotional health
They don’t ignore their emotional needs. They refrain from egos when it comes to their emotions. If they want something, they’ll make it happen no matter what it costs. If they love someone, they’ll say it not being afraid of the aftermaths.

3. They avoid drama
One of the biggest traits they possess is. They stay away from all the politics and gossip happening around. They know that all these counts to nothing but utter bullshit. They’re clear in their head about their approach in life, which is all positive and optimistic. They only engage in productive conversations.

4. They fill their own bucket
No one can stop these persons from achieving what they have in their mind; whether reading a book, or going out to travel next weekend, or going to some club to dance or watching a movie. They can do it in a jiffy and they don’t have to wait for any other friend to join them in the process.

5. They’re mostly athletes or artists
They have a certain goal up their mind. They have set plans for it and they’re achieving it gradually. They’re very dedicated to their passion and they’re not really into mundane stuff. That which don’t interest them, they’ll say no to it without any hesitation.

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