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Cricket is a sport filled with expressions and terms designed to confuse the newcomer (and often even the more seasoned follower). In an attempt to divulge some of the alien terminologies, we have presented some of it along with its meaning. Here are few of the offbeat terms to need to know if you’re a cricket fan:

1. Chinaman
A ball bowled by a left-arm slow bowler that turns into the right-hand batsman, in effect a left-arm legspinner. It’s named after Puss Achong.
2. Cow corner
An unconventional fielding position, more commonly found in the lower reaches of the game, on the midwicket/long-on boundary. The term is thought to have originated at Dulwich College where there was the corner of a field containing livestock on that edge of the playing area. Fielders were dispatched to the "cow corner"
3. Cross bat
A cross-batted shot is where the batsman holds his bat horizontally when striking the ball. Examples of cross-batted shots include hooks, pulls, and cuts.

4. Doosra
A Hindi/Urdu word which means "second" or "other", the doosra is the off-spinner's version of the googly, delivered out of the back of the hand and turning away from the right-hand batsman
5. Duckworth Lewis
Named after Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis, two mathematicians who devised a system to help decide one-day cricket matches when rain interrupts play.

6. Hawk-Eye
A tracking technology which helps to explain the intricacies of the sport, Hawk-Eye can be helpful in judging LBWs. At the moment it is used mainly for arm-chair umpiring, although one day it may be used in an official capacity.
7. Leg-Before Wicket (LBW)
You cannot be out if the ball pitched outside the line of leg stump; you cannot be out if the ball hits you outside the line of off stump unless you are offering no stroke. Aside from that, if it hits you in line, the only decision the umpire has to make is whether the ball is going on to hit the stumps.

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