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Pankaj Tripathi may not be considered as the mainstream Bollywood ‘hero’, but he has created an indelible place for himself in the industry. The actor, who made his debut with a miniature role in the film Run, back in 2004, made it this big now, when he showed off his incredibly natural acting in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur. Ever since, Pankaj has had a great run at the box-office, even going on to win a National Film Award (Special Mention Category) for his part in the Rajkumar Rao starrer Newton.

However, what’s really touching is that the actor, who has recently been in the news for finally being able to purchase his own apartment in Mumbai, didn’t forget his roots and still remembers and acknowledges his humble start.
Recently, after much struggle, the Criminal Justice actor was finally able to buy an apartment in Mumbai’s Madh Island. And when he was being all praised for his achievement by the media, he didn’t forget to mention that from where and how he started his journey. In conversation with a leading daily, Pankaj recalled: “Today, my wife Mridula and I own our dream house. But I haven't forgotten my one-room shed with its tin roof in Patna. One night, the rains and wind were so intense that one of the tin sheets blew away and I was left looking at the naked sky.”

Pankaj claims that his way to success lies in the way he remains rooted and grounded to his belongings. He even shared that Mridula(his wife) and he would often dream about having a sea-side home, a cosy love-nest of sorts. Today, it’s a dream come true. “I've finally bought our dream house in Madh Island. My wife got very emotional after we moved into our new home,” he said.

Pankaj has no hesitations in crediting his wife and other women who have been the driving forces in his life. He said, “Mridula and I survived on her income in Mumbai. She was a qualified school teacher and she got a job in Mumbai while I did what all out-of-town actors in Mumbai do... Struggle. My first major role was in 'Dharm' in 2007 where I got to work with my namesake, the great Pankaj Kapur. It is significant that my first major role came to me from a woman director. Women have always played a very important part in my career. Besides my wife Mridula, I can't thank the great acting luminaries like Anamika Tiwari and Anuradha Kapoor enough. They encouraged me and gave me hope as an actor."

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