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We had so many memories, if we open our childhood box of memories, right! Some with parents, cycle, street dogs, taking rain shower, and most of the maximum memories we have made with our siblings. I remember who my brother and I used to play, fight (though we still fight), snatch each other’s ice-cream and etc. So what are yours? Don’t forget to share with us.

But before share, I have something thing for you. Actually, not something but more than so much! I guess I may have heard the name of Paper Boat, Yes, you got it right, that Jaljeera, Aam Pana Beverage Company. If you have scrolled on their Facebook page, you must have seen cute illustrations these guys post daily. And all these are related to our childhood, which makes us feel connected with the brand.

So today, by taking some of their Illustrations I thought of taking back to the time when you used to have so much fun with your sibling(s).

Let us travel together to our childhood:


Remember how we used to fake it as we are rising our daddy’s scooter in real. And moreover, we ask our siblings or cousins to sit and let us drop them to their school or playground, hahaha! I did it a lot!

Bubble bubble

Getting into the ponds or the river whenever we go to the village, this used to be the greatest fun during summer vacations.

Hand-pump flying

I reality no one actually wants the fresh water to drink, we all just used to make the excuse- I want to drink… I want to drink. But the real fun is in pushing that heavy rod so that we can fly and have fun.

Ceremony Playground

The best thing about childhood is that- we don’t care about anything, because we don’t how to get worried about a certain thing, right. If mom said no to go out of the ceremony area, so we used to turn the ceremony area into our playground.

Personalized Card

“Yes, this is made by my very own hand!” These are words, I remember clearly. In childhood days we never had interest in outside cards, instead, we used to make cards by our hands for almost everything.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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