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Children have a very stubborn nature. Most of the children like spicy and junk food. In such a way, feeding them nutritious food is a big challenge in itself. Most mother complains that their child does not eat green vegetables. They contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is important for the health of the children. So, here are few tips on how you can make them have these nutritious diets.
Make a different recipe:
When kids eat one thing continuously then they become bored. So, try to create something once in a week which will excite them. Fill the green vegetables in a roti and spread ketchup or mayonnaise on the base and feed them like a roll. Children will love it. Apart from this, if the child likes noodles and pasta, then there are plenty of vegetables that you can put in the noodles and serve with ketchup or maybe fresh juice.
Feed colorful vegetables:
Children get attracted to colors very soon, so try to use colorful vegetables in the children's food with a different technique. Cut these vegetables into different shapes by separating them and mix salt. Pepper or any healthy ingredient in it and serve them. You can also play games while discussing the color of the vegetables.
Creativity Methods:
Creativity is very important for feeding children. The texture is also very important in children's food. So, you must keep in mind to change the texture of the food. For example, you can give fruits either in juice form or by simply cutting it. Apart from that, you can let them eat a carrot, peas with noodles or you can make oats, etc.
Two-way street
This is a concept that every parent has to follow. So, if your child wants to eat pizza then you should not deny him every time because all the children need it. So, what you can do is ask your child to eat healthy foods on weekdays and then on one weekend they can have pizza or burger of their choice. This will help you both to bond as well.
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