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Depression comes in today's category of a prevalent mental illness. Old people, children, and the younger generation are increasingly becoming victims of this disease. Actually, the disease is not new, but it is now discovered as a serious illness. People are more aware now and they are paying attention to minute details in mental or physical fitness. So be aware of its symptoms so that you don’t fall prey to depression.
Different people have different symptoms of depression. Because of which the information was not immediately available. However, there are some common symptoms that anybody can feel. Anxiety on everything is one of the main symptoms. If you are very impatient and feel anxiety in doing any work, then you should be alarmed. This is not a normal sign. Discuss it with your nearby people.
In the children as well as in young people, feeling useless, despair and irritation is no longer common. If you feel like this, immediately tell your closest person. You can not always be upset with your work or irritated. If this prevails every day and you feel useless about yourself or you feel low all the time contact with your loved ones and discuss your problem immediately.
Lack of energy and enthusiasm, changes in appetite are some of the symptoms of depression. If you don’t feel like going outside and meeting new people or you have stopped eating and exploring as you did before then it is not a good sign. Check your habits daily and note down or think about the changes.
Ignorance is also a sign of depression. Like if you loved something doing very much in the past and now the idea of doing it irritates you then it is a red sign. People habits change but it does not lead to hatred. So, discuss these things with your friends and try to improve it.
Difficulty in concentration, not taking decisions, sleepiness, or sleeping over time are major symptoms of Depression. These can also lead to suicidal tendencies and you should not be alone during such time. Immediately contact your friends and family and discuss all your problems with them.
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