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Samosa is not just a dish sold on the roadside Dhaba and pavement. It is also sold in big hotels and is an important part of Indian snack. From the children to the old everyone is fond of Samosa. No party, holiday or picnic is complete without Samosa's taste. But are you going to believe that Samosa is not an Indian snack? Let's know what the story of your delicious snack.
Samosa’s have been mentioned by Abul Faji Behki (995-1077 AD). Iranian historian Abul Faji has described the Samosa as 'Sambushj' and 'Sambushk'.
How did Samosa reach India?
Samosa reached India in the 13th-14th century through Muslim traders. The samosa was one of the favorite dishes of Muslim dynasties and it became popular during their reign.
Famous Sufi saint Amir Khusro also mentioned the love of Sultan of Delhi about Samosas. Arab traveler Ibn Battuta had his first Samosa in India only. In the 14th century when Ibn Battuta came to India, he tasted it for the first time in the court of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. He mentioned about this samosa and called it ‘Sambushk’. Also, he mentioned that hoe the mixture was filled with minced meat, walnuts, almonds, and other dry fruits.
It is said that minced meat was used in samosas in Central Asia. When Samosa came to India it was made with the potato filling which became popular with people. Before India, Samosa was made in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.
Even when the Britishers came to India they fell in love with the Samosa. In Portugal and Brazil Samosa is made in Pastry form. In Arabian countries it is filled with meat, onion, spinach, etc. and in India, it is made with a filling of potato and peas mixed with spices and in a triangular shape.
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