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The past ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe films were established for the Avengers' epic clash against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The first Infinity Stone was introduced all the way back in Captain America: The First Avenger, and now the Mad Titan has snatched all six cosmic items and used them to wipe out half of the universe with a mere snap of his fingers. Avengers: Endgame, of course, will likely bring that battle against Thanos and his all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet to an end, but what next? Earth's Mightiest Heroes will need new adversaries to rise up and challenge them.
And if you stop taking it lightly after Thanos then my friend you’re in a wrong track here’s awaiting bigger threats of even bigger villains of the MCU with even more destructive powers. Some iconic adversaries, however, simply won't work as well on the big screen as they do on the pages of Marvel's comics and would be better left unused.

1. Doctor Doom
Since Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox had Marvel finally get the rights back to characters associated with the Fantastic Four, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready for the arrival of one of the most iconic super-villains of all time. Doctor Victor Von Doom is a scientific genius, and over the past fifty years of Marvel comics, he has acquired the masters of mysticism and sorcery.

2. Magneto
As everyone knows, this mutant has the power to control magnetism, so he can turn the metal found in Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Black Panther's suits against them and use his magnetic force fields to hold off attacks from the rest of the Avengers. Disney joining hands with Fox also brought the rights to the X-Men and their enemies back to Marvel, so the MCU will likely expand to include mutants in the near future. Charles Xavier's number one enemy Magneto may be introduced alongside the professor's team.

3. Galactus
We have technically been already introduced to Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where he was shown to be a gigantic storm cloud preparing to engulf Earth. Galactus has near-infinite, supreme powers, so the Avengers would certainly be all packed up trying to stop him from swallowing their planet!

4. Kang The Conquerer
Pictures from the set of Avengers Endgame seem to confirm rumors that the film will feature time travel, which will perfectly set up the arrival of a time-traveling supervillain and frequent Avengers enemy Kang the Conquerer. He's a complex character, but his ability to alter timelines could open a lot of directions for Marvel story-wise.

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