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Fans of The Conjuring Universe know this well that all the praises for its realistic portrayal of the demon haunting a family, didn’t just owe to the wild imagination of director James Wan, but the movie was based on a real-life tale.
Conjuring basically showcased what Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real-life ghost-hunters/paranormal investigators, witnessed in the course of their journey. Their story is much more frightening than the movie.

The 92 years Lorraine Warren, whose role was portrayed by actress Vera Farmiga in Conjuring, is dead. "She died peacefully in her sleep at home," Warren's son-in-law Tony Spera said on Facebook, reports

In the year 1952, Lorraine Warren and her husband Ed laid the foundation New England Society for Psychic Research – a ghost hunting group in New England. Two of their most famous cases got represented in the Hollywood industry via Conjuring franchise. Ed passed away in the year 2006.
Conjuring was based upon the events happened with the Perron Family who moved into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The couple and their five daughters soon started to notice strange things happening in the house and that’s when they called for Ed and Lorraine’s help.

It all started with the family noticing small things like the broom would go missing, strange sounds haunting at night, daughters would sometimes witness spirits in the house. They knew the spirits were present but they weren’t harmful. They were angry, for sure, was one thing that they knew. When investigations were done, Carolyn discovered that many of the people had died in the same house under weird circumstances. The spirit that was shown in the movie, Bathsheba, was actually the worst of all.
Actress Vera Farmiga, who represented Lorraine’s role in Conjuring, Conjuring 2, The Nun and The Annabelle Comes Home said she is blessed to have known her.

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