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In the social media era, everything goes viral so quickly, and we are getting so many hilarious viral videos, pictures and etc. And these social media platforms are also useful for advertising. But sometimes, some genius minds design crappy designs that are totally opposite from their core meaning.

We have prepared a crispy list of crappy designs for you, poking fun at some of the most ridiculous projects that saw the light of the day. From wrongly designed coffee mugs that were created to poke your eyes to photography producing outdated leaflets and beyond, scroll down to see and laugh.

#1 This Ad Was Meant To Depict How Much The Tiger Had Grown In 10 Years. Instead, It Looks Like...

We have seen the consequences of bad design, so what makes a design good? Actually, it is not that tricky, there are a few basic principles to stick to and make sure that your designs are practical.

#2 The Elders At My Brother-In-Law’s Church Got To Design The Church League Softball Shirts. The Thought “Cli” (Christian Life International) Alone Wouldn’t Signify A Church, So They Added The Cross. Magnificent

#3 Is This Ad For Graduation Or Suicidal Attempt

Good designs are filled with innovative ideas, but it doesn’t mean that innovations of your ideas kill the true meaning of what you are trying to say.

#4 Good For Eye-Stab In The Morning

#5 PayPal Failed Customer Service

#6 Commas People

#7 Ah… Great! A Soap Dispenser Labelled As “Ketchup” With A Picture Of Grapes. So thoughtful.

#8 The Placement Of This Smaller Baby Care Booklet Within This Magazine Doesn’t Seem Very Well Thought Through.

#9 An Irritating Masterpiece At A Local Restaurant.

#10 Who Want To Travel In This Bus, I’m Not For Sure!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar
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