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Good design and innovation- these two key terms are very closely connected to each other. If your idea is innovative enough to digest by the customer, there are more chances for the success of your product. But if your innovation exceeds and you went off-track and distracted from the main theme, it can also fail.

Being an owner or from the product development department, you can understand how an idea affects the company’s reputation and a product’s production. There are so many benefits of creating a good design, so let us see:

Good design is the possibility that innovation will never be exhausted. Technological development has always provided new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design is always in sync with innovative technology and will never end.

Good design makes the product useful: buy the product and use it. It must meet certain criteria, not only functional but also psychology and aesthetics. The excellent design emphasizes the practicality of the product and ignores any products that may be harmful to the product.

Good design is aesthetics: the aesthetic quality of a product is an essential part of its usefulness because the products we use every day affect our employees and our well-being. But only good-performing items can be beautiful.

Good design makes the product easy to understand: it clarifies the structure of the product. Even better, it can make the product talk. At best, this is self-evident.

Good design is self-effacing: a product that meets its purpose is as a tool. They are neither decorations nor works of art. Therefore, their design should be both neutral and introverted, leaving room for the user's self-expression.

Good design is honest: it doesn't make the product more innovative, functional or valuable than it actually is. It does not attempt to manipulate consumers with unfulfilled promises.

Good design runs through the final details: nothing must be casual or accidental. Attention and accuracy in the design process demonstrate respect for the user.

Good design is environmentally friendly: design has made an important contribution to protecting the environment. It saves resources and minimizes physical and visual contamination during the product lifecycle.

So, there you have it, pretty simple, right? If you are asked to design something, you know where to start and end.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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