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The architectural and artistic achievements of the ancient Egyptians never end to amaze not only in the creation but in their preservation. Recently the country’s Ministry of Antiquities, Khaled al-Enani, unveiled a “new” fresh-looking tomb decorated with inscriptions and colorful reliefs. The archaeologists discovered the tomb- date back more than 4,000 years- but yet it looks so youthful and its colors are still so vibrant. It almost looks as fresh as the day they were painted.

The elaborate tomb is said to belong to an official named Khuwy, who was an aristocrat from the Fifth Dynasty, a period that spanned the 25th to the 24th century BCE. At the unveiling Minister al-Enani brought along 52 foreign ambassadors, cultural attaches, and well-known Egyptian actress Yosra, to inspect the vivid depictions.

Below we shared the beautiful pictures of this Astonishing well-preserved 4,000-year-old tomb that was recently found by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Khuwy’s tomb was found in the massive necropolis at Saqqara which is located in the south of Cairo. The structure of the tomb was made in L-shape, Mohamed Mujahid, head of the excavation team, and it includes a small corridor that leads down to an antechamber.

The well-preserved paints on the walls of the tomb are colors associated with royalty, which along with the unique structural features, have led the archaeologists to believe that perhaps Khuwy had a history with Djedkare Isesi, the pharaoh of that period, whose pyramid is located in the nearby area.

Along with the discovery of the tomb, archaeologist found Khuwy’s mummy and canopic jars. Canopic jars are the one, which was used to hold bodily organs that have been divided up into several places. With this latest discovery, researchers hope to gain better insight into the 40-year reign of Djedkare Isesi.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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