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The idea of being the bad-ass woman, bold woman often moves to an unrealistic direction. Whenever a powerful woman turns to act as a changed and modern women, either the makers portray her to be the 360 ° rebel rather than being a strong mature one. In the TV series what you got to see, a woman who turned into a furious Naagin now willing to kill people around her but cannot kill them because instantly they inherit human traits (humanity). Oh, gosh…this is seriously something that we can call- DUMB!

On the other hand, being a strong woman is simply someone who isn’t afraid to make choices, from taking decisions, who fights for justice, and who also loves and enjoy sex way more than a patriarchal and judgemental society expects her to. Being herself is a modern woman, and not hiding the real-self.

So, if you are looking for the web series that can treat you with characters of women that are more realistic and empowering stories, scroll down to see the list.

#1 Four More Shorts Please

The Journey of four independent women starts from the day when they met and continues till they become best friends and continues to show their decisions in their lives, how they express their personal choices. Each four of them are totally different from each other. It is so interesting to watch these super ladies on screen and playing strong characters.

#2 Made In Heaven

As we all know to hear since our childhood from our elders that couples are already made in heaven (where God stays). But the reality is something that is completely opposite and Zoya Akhtar knows it well how to give a reality check to her audience. The story revolves around two people Tara and her gay Friend Karan, they both are the founder of a wedding planning firm, works together and leave no stone unturned in making these high profile weddings possible. It is interesting to see what else, Zoya has out in the web series for her audience.

#3 Delhi Crime

It is based on the unfortunate case of Nirbhaya, Delhi Crime has captured a lot of attention for its representation of female officers. Not only were the female characters in the show strong but also the actresses who essayed them were talented enough to speak the lengths, just with their eyes and gestures.

#4 Girl In The City

A 21-year-old girl from Dehradun enters the madness of Mumbai city along with with with her a huge list of dreams. Girl In The City is the story of a girl next door, whose distant parents always keep check on her. Her life doesn’t really have the stroke of luck, but with her hard-work

#5 Pushpavalli

Sumukhi Suresh's character Pushpavalli is an interesting character to get to know, she lives in her own empty bubble. She follows the man of her dreams from Bhopal to Bangalore. A man who thanks her once to give him company. She sees him as a perfect match for her and hence, she packs her bags from Bhopal and moves to the city he lives in. It might sound crazy, but the reality check is a hundred and one percent real.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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