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Do you ever feel like how sad and dramatic your life is that almost once in a while you beg to God that you don’t want this life? Then we guess, my friend, you have a great chance to get through and also a win a TV reality show.

They call it “reality” TV shows in India, but in actual they have got nothing to do with reality. It’s 10% real talent 90% melodrama. “My parents didn’t allow me to do this”, “my parents are poor”. These shows are out and out scripted, have participants who can act well from beforehand, who purposely bring forth emotions which tend to manipulate the audiences, and of course kudos to the editing! All this makes the lives of the participants gain more attention and sympathy which will ultimately make them hooked to watching.

That’s Indian reality shows for all of us, and if you still have any such doubt about it, read this –“I was selected in the top 100 but didn’t go any further. Reason: to get selected you need to have a sad story to attract audiences’ sympathy. A few of the contestants lied that their parents aren’t allowing them to dance but the irony was that their parents came to drop them.”

And this is what actress Sanya Malhotra, known mainly as the Dangal girl who, besides her great dance videos, acted spectacularly in Badhaai Ho, said on Son Of Abish (9:30 minutes onward in the video above) and also to Humans Of Bombay speaking up about the truth that participants are chosen carefully in order to impart a sense of empathy in the audiences, at least in the show Dance India Dance.
Thankfully someone from the industry spoke about the truth which we somewhere knew but wanted a clear cut statement.

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