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You might have gone through many such writings which majorly criticize social media and how much time we waste away scrolling up the news feed. But, as they say, that everything on earth has a good side as well which keeps everything balanced. Facebook, which I guess is one of the most important of all social media platforms, has got a feature which melts our heart in some way and yes, we’re thankful to makers for that.

Facebook memories make us go back to the days where either we’ve been extremely happy, did some real foolish stuff or had a bad day which we got over now. It’s a kind of nostalgia where we love to go back. Either some silly status or pictures with school friends or a meme which makes us recall ourselves a year back or more. Somewhere it helps us reminding stuffs that we’ve totally forgotten like a picture with a friend with whom you’ve lost contact or a status that you’ve posted after a nasty break up. It’s like both a happy and a bitter moment when you get to see it after a while.

Some bring forth the realization between the person we used to be and the person we’ve turned now. Times have either turned way too good or really bad, but each memory gives us a glimpse of not just ours but also the friends we’ve tagged along as to how they were a while back.

For the physically conscious people, it reminds of the fact that how they’ve changed over time either gaining weight or losing it by going back to the profile pictures they’ve uploaded years back. For such people, memories act as an inspiration for their own selves.
Therefore, the bottom line is memories is one great feature which makes us go down a lane a realize a lot of things about our own selves. Also, it helps in self-analyzing.

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