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The breakup in a relationship is the common thing nowadays. But according to a study, a shocking case has emerged about the breakup. In this study, one truth has been disclosed about the breakup, which will surprise you. This survey is done by a dating website. In which thousands of people were involved.
According to the study, everyone gets cheated in a relationship mostly on Friday. This survey is done by ‘illict encounters’ dating website. This website has researched over thousands of people depending on this survey.
This study also states that if your partner is making excuses on Friday then it is more likely that you are going to be cheated. About 74 percent of the people had the tendency of doing this because they know that this is the best excuse. Many things can be told to the partner to avoid meeting.
Kristen Grant said that it is a research that states that cheating is a threat to a human being. Those who cheat partner always follow this lifestyle as it is most easy and people don’t suspect much.
In this survey, the result has come out that the cheating partners want to see their partner twice a week. This tendency prevails as meeting two days will not be an alarming sign for the other partner. On Tuesday, there is a second option to spend time with Lover for the cheating partner except for Friday. 64 percent of people do this. If he or she does not get caught, then they follow the same lifestyle.
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