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Usually whenever we plan a trip with family or friends, packing is the most difficult job to do. This work becomes even more difficult when the plan is for a few days. In such a situation, if you store things in a smart way, you will be able to keep all the necessary items in less space and will be able to pack the luggage perfectly.
Let's know, some of the Traveling Tricks that will help you pack your baggage in a smart way:
1) Instead of folding their clothes into suitcases and bags one by one, you can roll them down and keep it this will acquire less space.
2) If you are going for a vacation for a long duration, and it is not possible to carry too many clothes, then you should place two shirts and tops and kurtas with each bottom ware. Try to keep 2 bottoms which goes with all the top wear. It is better to keep black and white bottom as it goes with all the attire.
3) If you have two-three pair of shoes and slippers, then wear the heaviest ones while traveling as it will save space. Now put the remaining shoes and slippers in the shower cap or shoe bag instead of wrapping them in the paper.
4) Keep all the electronic items in a separate place. Your charger and earphone should be kept in small pocket size packet so that they don’t cling. Avoid carrying heavy items and carry a portable charger as it will be really helpful in your journey.
5) Makeup and packed toiletries should be kept in a transparent sachet. If there is any possibility of a leakage, which is liquid it will be not spread to the clothes.
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