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When there is always a fight between the members of the family or there is a serious illness in the family, Vastu can be one of the reasons for this. Vastu can be a problem in any part of the house and also with the main entrance of your home. So, let's discuss a few things related to the main entrance and Vastu.
Colors have special significance in life. According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of the house should never be in black color. It is not a good sign. There is always a constant loss of money due to black doors or colors.
The main door of the house should always be bigger than the other doors of the house. If the main door of the house is small, then it results in a financial crisis leading to a loss in business. There should always be a sign of the Swastika at the main door of the house, hence no negative energy is able to enter inside the house.
There should never be any sound coming from the main door of the house. From time to time proper care and maintenance are needed to look after it. There should not be a Ganapati statue or painting at the main door of the house, as behind Ganpati’s back penury lies and so if Ganpati is there at the main entrance of the house then he will have his back towards those who live in that house which can give negativity and poverty. The solution is that you can have two statue of Ganpati, one facing towards house and one at the main entrance.
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