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Do you face difficulty before going to bed every night for a long time? Are you stressed to the level that you can’t actually get sleep peacefully? If your answer is yes to then rest assured that you’re not alone in this game. It’s a problem for most of them out there battling with their anxiety and depression intensifying at night not allowing them to sleep.
We’ve got hold of a very simple remedy for this, you can now hope to sleep well at night keeping all the worries behind.

Whenever we think about the jasmine plant, its aromatic fragrance is the first thing that pops up in our mind. In fact, its alluring, honey-like sweetness is the reason why the jasmine flower is quite a popular incense-stick fragrance in India.
It’s a known fact that indoor plants help in enhance the oxygen levels in their home, but very few of them know the fact that they can also be used to battle stress and anxiety. Jasmine falls in this line, a plant which is well-known for its calming and soothing aspect.

According to a research conducted by the Wheeling Jesuit University--conducted by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush--, sleeping participants experienced a drop in their sleep movements when the scent of jasmine was infused in the room.
Also, the volunteers also experienced better slumber, even when they slept for a shorter duration of time. The participants also reported feeling less heavy or rather depressed and a calm mind after waking up from their short nap.

Another research proved that the infusion of jasmine aroma calmed down the mice when kept inside their cages. The research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry points out the soothing effect of jasmine fragrance on the mice was due to the chemical known as GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid).

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