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Over the years if you have been drinking beer straight away from the bottle, it is high time to try something new. I can understand the thirst of ice-chilled beer, but these recipes are much more refreshing than drinking just a beer. It is the right time to discover something new, and before treating your friends with these newly tried recipes at your house party, try them making by yourself first.

Whether it is a hot dry day or the breezing summer evening, these twisted beer cocktails will surely be going to treat you so well. Think how much it will be fun while mixing drinks, and the result is double refreshing. Discover your own taste as well, after you complete list of these 15 beer recipes.

The time came when you can’t make up your mind between beer or sangria, try beer sangria. If you need a bloody mary refreshing drink, but the beer is something your heart is craving for then you are all set to have a beer bloody mary. This not only makes you feel refreshed but also give you the taste of beer. Moreover, these drinks please the cocktail lovers as well as die-hard beer drinkers, so in your house party you don’t have to do double work, all guests can settle in one option- The Beer Cocktails. This will be a win-win game for you.

See the name of the cocktails below:

1. The 'Hop, Skip And Go Naked' Beer Cocktail

2. Bull Dog Margarita (Beergarita)

3. Watermelon Beer

4. Michelada

5. Blackberry Lemon Shandies

6. Bloody Hell Beer Cocktail

7. Beer Bloody Mary

8. Beerskey with Lime

9. Strawberry Beer Lemonade

10. Panaché

11. Broadway Beer Cocktail

12. Beer Sangria

13. Golden Ale Beer Cocktail

14. Rub & Rye

15. Blood Orange and Grapefruit Beer Cocktail

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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