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Only a few days are left for your children's summer holidays. You must have already planned and booked tickets for the journey. Now just packing will be left for the last moment. In this case, the most concerned issue of some people is ‘Motion Sickness'. Yes, while traveling, there are complaints like vomiting, dizziness, headache, or jitters. In this way, you are not able to enjoy the journey. Today, we will tell you how to enjoy your journey by not worrying at all.
1) If you feel like vomiting during the journey, do not look at the road constantly outside the window. By doing this, your mind gets concentrated on one point and the headache starts at one point, due to which vomiting occurs.
2) Ginger also helps a lot on the journey. While leaving the house, put a little ginger in your mouth. Drinking tea with ginger is just another fun while travelling and it gets very relaxing when you stop for food while travelling.
3) Some people think that they will vomit if they eat something while travelling. It is absolutely wrong to think that. Rather than eating more in the car will result in vomiting. Don’t eat much but do not leave the house without eating. Avoid eating oily items because it takes time to digest such things, due to which vomiting happens.
4) If you are afraid during the journey, you can eat a mint candy or sprinkle some drops of mint oil in the napkin and smell it from time to time. Apart from this, you can also eat a little raw mango or imli. This will reduce the panic mode. Mint tea will also help you to relax.
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