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Physical, mental health, stress, age, and our environment play an important role in the health of the skin. However, in spite of this, we can neutralize the effects of our skin and age on it positively. It is important to take care of skin in external and internal ways. These Ayurvedic tips will help your skin to shine and glow.
Seasonal fruits, green and other vegetables, and lightly cooked lentils are considered beneficial. In the ayurvedic cooking, micronutrients provide abundant use of herbs such as coriander, mint and curry leaves. This is the perfect way to get glowing skin.
According to Ayurveda, the best cosmetics are 'deep breath'. Leaving long breaths with slow breathing cleans the lungs of carbon dioxide, allowing more oxygen to take. This increased oxygen produces a glaze in the skin and makes you feel fresh and young.
Turmeric, milk, honey, curd, lemon juice, and many things can be used according to the skin. Especially Regular yoga increases blood circulation in the skin and enhances color. It increases lymphatic flow by increasing the activity of the lymphatic system and helps to remove the toxic substances.
Rose water is beneficial for the softening of the skin. It gives you a cooling sensation and makes the skin look fresh and bright.
Ayurveda insists on healthy sleep for health. The detoxification process is completed during sleep. Regular sleep is necessary for the mental health along with the physical fitness. A good amount of sleep makes your skin look fresh.
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