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You know you’ve got those cheesy friends who leave no chance to post every single thing about their relationship on social media or share status to let their friends online know they are in love, right? In fact, such people are the ones who get the envy in return. But here’s news; science has some interesting input about these love birds. A recent study came out with the fact that that couple who tend to post a lot on social media might actually suffer from insecurity.

The researchers at Northwestern University studied around 108 couples who had listed themselves as ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook. Each participant was asked to keep a daily journal for two weeks where they mentioned about how secure they felt in their relationship and their activity on Facebook on the given day.
Meanwhile, the researchers also kept a track on their Facebook profile and analyzed how much time these participants spent on their social-networking platform on a regular basis and how frequent they post about their love life. The research found out that people tended to post or share more photographs of their partner or relationship on the days they were not feeling secure enough.

Experts also mention that social-media platforms are not any good medium to jump into the conclusion of how happy and safe a couple is in their real life. Understanding the findings of another study done by Aalto University, it’s the pressure to meet societal expectations and maintain an image on social media that forces people to posts about things that sometimes not be true at all.

It’s quite a fact that social media is ruining our relationships and making it all complicated. As per a study was done by Havas Media, 68 percent of its participants confessed using social media to stalk their ex-partners and half of the respondents agreed to this fact that they used social media to grab eyeballs of some of their specific friends.

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