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When it comes to formal dressing, blazers are an important part of it. Not only men but women can also carry blazers in a fashionable and stylish manner.

However, you need to be perfect with your information when carrying a blazer to turn heads and look your best. Blazer does not mean a thicker overcoat but rather it is a vertical outfit. It comes in different styles and fabrics which you can buy according to your comfort. Here are 5 different types of blazers that must be part of your own wardrobe.

Leather Blazer
If you have a leather jacket, then you also must have a leather blazer. It gives a very classic look to the outfit, and the overall look takes a different position. If you like, you can wear them with jeans and boots, or you can also wear them with a short dress and ankle boots.

Printed Blazer
When it comes to the summer season, then demand for colorful, printed and floral blazers increases. Due to being vibrant and colorful, such blazers add a new color to your outfits and personalities. If you want, you can wear them on casual outings. Occasionally in office, it can also be used as formal wear.

Net and Lace Blazer
If you are wearing a sleeveless dress or tube top and you are not able to make a confluence in the exit, this blazer made of net and lace can be of great use to you. Wear it over the dress and your tension is over. Along with the lace, its look also looks great. It gives you a funky look.

Denim Blazer
Denim is a material that you can wear with any outfit and it will look good on you. Denim Blazer's turn is now in the market after denim jacket. From dresses to skirts, jeans, and even leggings, you can wear denim blazer by teaming up with your outfit. If you are going to buy for the first time, buy Classic Plane Denim Blazer. Avoid accessorizing More.

Cape blazer
This is a kind of blazer, which you can wear with dresses and button-down shirts in addition to the dress. The feature of this blazer is that if you wear it, it seems that you have not worn the blazer but wrapped it on the shoulder only. This is for both the formal and casual occasion.

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