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You may have noticed that many times the smartphone starts running slow when it is old or sometimes the new phone slows down in a few months only. But why does it happen? So, let us tell you some tips on which the speed of your smartphone will not be unnecessarily low -
1. Keep your smartphone's home screen clean, i.e. just keep the things you need to keep it there. Many people keep a lot of unnecessary apps on the home screen, which is one of the reasons for slowing the speed of the phone.
2. Keep Google Chrome's Data Saver Mode On always in your smartphone.
3. Most of the smartphones have their auto-synched on, due to which backups of phone data are automatically uploaded to Google Drive. If you turn off auto sync your phone will start running faster than before.
4. After using the phone cache memory is formed in the storage of the phone. So, if you clear the cache in the phone's settings, then the speed of the phone will enhance.
5. From time to time the updates message come from companies, which companies send. You must update them.
6. If you do not get the speed of the smartphone even after adopting all the methods, then back up the data and reset the phone by going into factory reset. By doing so, everything will be deleted from the phone and the phone will become new.
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