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When people think of losing weight, people first think about the keto diet. It is very difficult to follow this low-carb diet, but if someone follows this diet correctly, the results are shocking. However, now its losing popularity due to several reasons. Health experts and nutritionists believe that there are many disadvantages of keto diets. Keto helps in losing weight, but it has many side effects including:

Bad effects on Kidney

While practicing the keto diet, many people face the problem of bad kidney health. People eat lots of meat during the diet and if there is less water intake, then the risk of uric acid increases. It can also cause kidney stones.


In keto diet, you have to take less than 25 grams of carbohydrate. This is extremely difficult. Many people also eat fruits and vegetables. In this way, there is a shortage of fibers in your body. You may suffer from constipation due to lack of fiber.

Lack of vitamins

When you will remove fresh fruits and vegetables from the diet, then there is a natural lack of vitamins and minerals in your body. Keto only focuses on the carb, protein, and fat. In such a way the body lacks vitamins. If you want, you can take vitamin supplements to avoid the lack of vitamins.

Muscle loss

According to some research, the keto diet can also reduce muscles from the body. According to some research, after some good training, some of the people who take keto diets decrease body mussels. This happens because protein alone is less effective in making muscles, but carbohydrate and protein are more effective in making muscles.

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