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Summer is here and the heat is constantly increasing. In this season one does not feel like going out of the house only if each one of us was so lucky. However, we are not, so when making an errand on a summer day it is essential that we take proper precautions to keep our skin healthy.

For the same reason, we use sunscreen. The use of sunscreen prevents our skin from harmful rays of sunlight. Applying sunscreen on the skin prevents many problems like having skin abs, dry and dimming. By applying the only sunscreen is not the only solution, however applying it right is. We need to avoid some mistakes when using sunscreen.

Keeping in mind the right time

People often use sunscreen when leaving their house, but they should not. Whenever you plan to go out somewhere in the sun, use sunscreen 10 to 15 minutes before leaving home. By doing so, sunscreen gets enough time to work on the skin and it protects your skin from the sun.

Applying it just once

We think that it is enough to use sunscreen once a day. If you are doing this then it is wrong. Sunscreen should be repeated after two to three hours. It should always be kept in mind that sunscreen should be used on the skin after swimming and driving.

Just use in the sun

Most people believe that sunscreen only protects our skin in the sun. Do not make this mistake, you can and must use sunscreen before leaving home no matter what season. Sunscreen protects our skin in every season.

Do not use sunscreen on dark skin

People with dark skin think that they do not need to use sunscreen. While it is not so, because sunscreen does not save skin from being dark, but sunscreen protects skin from harmful rays of sunlight. Therefore, sunscreen should be used while leaving the sunlight on any skin tone.

Do not ignore the SPF

It is very important to take care of SPF when purchasing sunscreen, but we do not do this. The SPF is a standard term for the protection of sun rays. This is a rating factor that tells you what level of sunscreen or sunblock protects you. For example, if someone is having Sunburn with one hour in the sun, then SPF 15 will give it the freedom to stay in the sunlight for 15 hours, that means it will take 15 times more time to get a sunburn. But this can happen only if the effect of sunlight is the same in all 15 hours.

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