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By the heading, you must know what I am going to say here. So, it is truly unlike many I am not a hiking person, though I loved the experience.

This year in the last week of January I went hiking with a bunch of my friends. As it was not my plan at all, but it is one of friend’s plan to go and I said yes because that time I need a break, and moreover I have never seen snowfall in my entire life till then. But I was actually unaware of the amount of energy and strength a person need during this trip.

We planned for ‘Nag Tibba’ track and booked our tickets. It was a two-day trip stated from Delhi. All of us reached Dehradun by bus and stayed there for a night. Then early in the morning with our tour guides, we all reached to Mussoorie and then Pantwari Village in Uttarakhand.

This is the point where our trekking started. After a few hours of long walking and walking it seems to be the endless walking, but after we reach some height then I started enjoying the view. Fresh air, clean atmosphere, greenery and all that thing which we don’t get to see in metro cities usually.

It was the only view that was encouraging me after every minute, because I am not a trekking person, and though I don’t have that much strength.

View from the base camp, food, camping, bonfire, music in mountains, sleeping in the tents in sleeping bags and moreover this, using the tent toilets. That was so much fun, staying so close to nature is really relaxing.

When we reached the final destination next morning the feeling I felt that very much time was like that I have achieved a battle. After all falling, slipping and of course, knee pain the view from the top was worth coming.

That was really one of the best experiences in my life, but as I am a hiking person still I am not in favor of going any trek in the future.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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