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Losing even just 16 minutes of sleep during the week days can greatly hamper your performance at the workplace, prove researchers.
University of South Florida (USF) researchers, in a paper published in the journal Sleep Health, noted that workers are akin to have poor judgment and fall "off-task" the next day if they lose even a bit on sleep.

"Findings from this study provide empirical evidence for why workplaces need to make more efforts to promote their employees' sleep," said lead author Soomi Lee, an assistant professor from the School of Aging Studies at the university. To find this out, Lee and her colleagues carried out his examination on 130 healthy employees who work in IT and have at least one school-going child.

Participants reported that when they slept 16 minutes less than usual and had worse quality sleep, they witnessed some complex issues the next day.It happened to have raised their stress, especially stuff related to issues like work-life balance, resulting in them going to bed earlier and eventually waking up earlier due to fatigue.

"Good sleepers may be better performers at work due to greater ability to stay focused on-task with fewer errors and interpersonal conflicts," Lee noted, putting stress on the point that sleep loss could be the difference between a clear-headed day at the office or one filled with complications.The cyclical associations reflect that the slumber of an employee is vulnerable to daily stress and worries and it also adds to the cognitively stressful experiences, Lee added.
Researchers also studied and compared work-days to weekends. They found that the when some has less sleep as is expected, the consequences are not as apparent when one has the next day off from work.

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