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In this era of digitalization not only me but almost everyone else, mostly who work more in front of computer and laptops feeling tired eyes. The digitalization world is super easy, super comfortable, but in return don’t you think that it taking our eyes. Increase in the use of smart-phones, tablets, LED computer screens and so on, associated with the ocular discomfort and visual impairments. Without the proper protection of your eyes, you may fail to protect your eye’ sight and have to adjust with weaker eyesight. Although many of us are already suffering from this.

Generally, my eyes develop pain and stress after sitting and writing in front of the computer for long hours, so I do some steps after reaching home that makes my eye feel relaxing and cool. I thought of sharing these steps with you, so scroll down to see what I do:

Use Screen Protection

As our eyes are not at all designed for staring at the screen full of rays more than eight hours in a day, but because of the long working hours and our personal negligence, we force our eyes more than eight hours on the screen. So you can do one thing to protect your eyes from light exposure that is using a matte screen filter against the screen to deflect intense light exposure.

Apply Cold Water

After reaching home treat your eyes with cold water to make them feel relaxed. Cold water relaxes the strained muscles of the face and relieves eye strain. Close your eyes and splash some fresh cold water.

Perform Palming

The time when you read books or stair at the LED screen for long hours, take a break and rub your palm, it will create the friction between your hands and place your warm palm against your closed eyes for at least 30 seconds. It will instantly relieve your eyes.

Use Cucumber

Cucumber is great, they are so hydrating. Best as a salad and also as a skincare product. Cut two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes, for a few seconds. It will make your eyes feel cool and refreshing again.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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