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The Indian Army is one of the strongest standing armies in the world. Our soldiers and commandos risk their lives to save ours. With their intelligence and power, they have shown us the wonders they can do. But it’s Sad that women earlier were not given the chance to serve the nation.

Now as time has changed so have the no. of female soldiers serving the nation. Meet Dr. Seema Rao, She is India’s first and only woman to train our commandos.

Dr. Seema Rao who always intended to serve the nation. Now trains the Indian commandos. Seema is an expert on fighting the enemy in close proximity of 30 yards. And, also is an expert in close quarter combat.

The only woman commando trainer Dr. Seema Rao has served the nation well. Her loyalty and love towards the nation are seen in her achievements. She has trained over 15,000 commandos for India’s National Security Gaurd, 15,000 commandos for India’s Border Security Force and 15,000 commandos for India’s Gaurd Commando Force.

When Seema Rao was growing up, as a child she wanted to be a Doctor or Engineer like any other. She built her interest in training the commandos after meeting her husband Major ‘Deepak Rao’. The couple started off their journey by learning boxing. After which the couple learned Taek-won-do, fire fighting, and even rifle shooting. Soon the couple started imparting training to army personnel.

The road to success was not easy and was paved with challenges. The couple initially refused to accept money for their service which led to financial problems in the home. She faced another major setback when her biggest inspiration passed away suddenly. She was at an unarmed combat session when she heard her father passed away.

After which she also suffered a spinal fracture but after giving it a lot of thought the answer within her was ‘to never give up and keep serving the nation. Dr. Seema Rao is still serving the nation after all the difficulties and has left no stone unturned to reach where she is. She is truly an inspiration for all.

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