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In the digital world, children have become addicted to mobile. Parents often ask and want their children to use the Internet to keep them connected with technology. To an extent it's fine for with the changing times, it is necessary for your child to learn new things. But, when the children become addicted to mobile, then it is a danger bell for your children. Some parents do not even know what their child is doing on the Internet. It is very important to keep an eye on children. Vigilance is also important in the case of the internet and technology.

Recently, a survey has found that 60 percent of parents do not care about what their children do on the internet. Parents do not even monitor the online content seen by children. India's Olx has released the results of ' Internet Behavior Survey 2019'.

Parents should talk to their children on how to use the internet and how to stay connected with it. If you want, you can decide some rules. If the child is active on social media, then explain what should be posted and explain about privacy settings as well. The more you talk to the child on this subject, the easier it is for the Internet to use it.

Connecting on social media

Children want to join social media platform while stepping into the teenage age. This is the new online challenge for parents and keeps away from the internet is not a solution to the problem. It is better to include them in your social account. By doing this you can see their online activities without interfering with their privacy.

Browsing Control

Parental control works as a security cover for the safety of children. Of course, it comes within the scope of rigidity. Block the content that damages your children's computer, mobile, and laptop. Continue filtering harmful content from time to time. Keep track of how much time your child is spending on the Internet.

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