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It is often seen that men like to be clean shaves, and also feel that girls and women like clean shaves men. But now the trend is changing over time. In a recent study on lifestyle, it has been revealed that girls and women are more attracted to bearded men than clean-shaven men.

If this question repeatedly comes to your mind and you are upset about not being able to get the answers you seek then take a look at the results of this study. The results of this research are only in favor of bearded men. Research has confirmed that most girls prefer big bearded men as life partners.

Grow beard

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and you feel that your girlfriends are not more serious about this relationship, but if you want to keep your girlfriends throughout the age, raise the beard. According to scientists, women choose men who have a beard in order to live together throughout life. According to the study, there is a deep connection between masculinity and beard. Studies have said that in view of the relationship, more muscular and females appearing more often than feminine are less attractive.

In the study picture of men with 5 days old, 10 days old and four weeks old beard were displayed in front of the women. The result that came out of the exit was quite astonishing. When the same women were asked to choose, most of the women preferred bearded men.

Apart from the beard, it has also been found in the report that women are attracted to men with good jawline. The special thing is that women like bearded men for a long time relationship.

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