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Yes! I just came back watching Endgame and I have completely lost it. Chill! I’m not putting forward any spoilers or ruining it in any way. I’m here only to fuel the fire, as that which I just came back watching has already marked history in the world of cinema. The Russo brothers have created an inexplicable masterpiece, yes! Something that cannot be put into words. The emotional Marvel fans have already delved deep into the river of sentiments and we’re left with many questions that have left unanswered, well now don’t ask me what are those, you don’t want to listen to it right now, right?

Over the past two decades, Marvel has gifted our inner child movies just like we dreamt while reading Marvel comics, thanks to the exceptional formation by none other than the Legend Stan Lee. Avengers: Endgame is the culmination point in the lives of all the major superheroes we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Infinity War left us in a cliff hanger whether half of the universe which was vanished to dust by the almighty Thanos would ever come to life again. The movie commences on a note you’d love to watch, as it’s exactly how it should be but, how can things turn so easy in such a complicated situation.

Just putting an end to Thanos is not the thing that the Avengers were hoping for, they had the bigger reason behind, they wanted to get half of those people back.
Coming to the best performances, I seriously can’t evaluate. Everyone was so incredible, but of course, Natasha Romanoff deserves a salute for her bravery, Captain America for his inconceivable powers(never seen before avatar), and of course Iron Man aka Tony Stark who stands apart from the rest like a perfect superhero.

No spoilers, but yes, you shouldn’t wait anymore to catch hold of this masterpiece as it has got a plethora of emotions embedded in it and was hardly ever witnessed before.

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