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You may have head the name of the branch Dunkin Munchkin that is famous for its wide variety of tasty donuts. Now the brand if making news for selling its Donut flavored inspired Munchkin lip balms. Currently, they are selling two variety of lip balms that are covered in one packet and both have different flavors.

Both lip balms have different packaging, as the first one from the left to right in the picture, is packed in a white egg-liked container while another one is packed in the orange colored container. They seem to travel-friendly and so cute that they have already won so many girls’ heart.

Now with these lip balm, Dunkin will be able to spread its Munchkins to more households. They are now dealing in beauty care, as well with the release of their new lip balms.

These two tiny Dunkin’ Munchkins balms come in small boxes reminiscent of the ones you actually receive cute Munchkin at your doorstep. You can buy them from eBay and can order to your house. They come in a pair, (yeah you cannot ask them to give you a separate single one to try first) and are different flavors.

According to the confirmation from Dunkin’ Munchkins, these two lip balms come in different flavor that is- orange packed one has a strong marshmallow-y scent and white balm smells so sweeter.

Along with your lips, your mind will also get a good treat because of the fresh fragrance. While applying and experiencing its fragrance, make sure you don’t eat it. As the lip balms state “Not To Be Eaten”.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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