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Have you ever wondered how to write a dating profile to find a perfect match? Dating apps have to be popular now a day among people for flings and casual relationships. But some people want to step into a serious relationship, and they never mind to find a partner for a long-term relationship.
Looking for something meaningful, here are a few tips to write in your dating app's profile
The Bio-
While we might be tempted to write a long description in our bio. Women love to read a long profile, But we have to keep bio short, fun and light. Bio is an opportunity to write your personality and what you exactly looking in dating apps and give a slight idea about a person whom you want to meet online.
The photo you upload also speak about yourself and give the first impression of your personality. Don't wear glasses in your photographs because it reduces the chances of finding a perfect partner for dating. Iris gives clues that you can be trusted, avoid uploading photo which is explicit in nature and keep your photographs realistic.
The golden rule-
As for date or text, online first is not wrong. Some of the golden rule to avoid you as taken for granted. Wait for your partner to plan the next date for you, it applies to call, the text also. Relationship work when efforts are made from both sides.
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