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Ever since Avengers: Endgame came to the theatres, people are having a hard time coming across spoilers on the internet and not to shed a tear. The second half of the film has been confirmed as a highly emotional one with moviegoers not being able to stop their tears after watching the film.Take this insane fan for example. A woman in China, who went very excitedly to watch the superhero film, eventually had a rather critical experience after watching the film.

This 21-year-old woman seems to have to delve deep in her emotions towards the end of the film that she wept really bad. As a matter of fact, for the girl, most of the 3-hour long film went without any problem, until the very end when the closing scenes took out the worst from her. It went that bad that her hands numbed down and she faced problem while breathing. The woman had to be rushed to the hospital where she was then supplied oxygen to calm down her breathing.

As far as the reports say, the woman cried so much that she started feeling pain and difficulty around her chest and could not even feel any sensation in and around her hands and feet. The woman also said this fact that her fingers got stuck in a 'clawed' position.
She was also in need of some mental support which she got at the hospital where the staff calmed her down with some kind words to lower her trouble.She was later discharged the same day from the hospital once she felt all fit and fine again.

According to the doctor who was in charge of her, the 21-year old had been suffering from hyperventilation due to excessive panting caused by constant crying. So yes, crying a lot much can lead to serious trouble!

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