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Eating disorder is a chronic health condition marked by seriously irregular eating habits that drastically put a huge impact on your health, mind and even the way you lead your life. Three of the most common form of eating disorders are:
1. Anorexia Nervosa
The person suffering from this disorder has a huge fear of gaining weight, hence, as a result, he/she eats very little and becomes badly thin.

2. Bulimia Nervosa
This serious and chronic disorder is marked by episodes of eating back to back and purging. After eating a large amount of food (usually unhealthy), those suffering from bulimia try to throw out the food by either vomiting or using laxatives to lower their guilt and shame.

3. Binge-eating disorder
People who’re troubled with the binge-eating disorder usually eat a large amount of unhealthy food and don’t stop even if they are feeling badly full. However, unlike Bulimia Nervosa, after a lost control of their diet, individuals usually do not opt for fasting or purging of any kind.

It can be quite difficult to figure out what a person suffering from issues related to eating disorders go through on a daily basis. Sometimes they don’t even take it seriously and might go with the flow as they feel like nothing like this is really going to hamper their health.
This is why choosing self-love, being kind and careful towards ourselves is extremely important and not just some fancy trending concept. A lot of stuff around us are driven by the fact of how do we look and judge ourselves and it is crucial to put an end to voice in our head that tells us, we are not enough.

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