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He broke up with you, though it is a heartbreaking one still you have to move on. After the breakups, there is a phase in life comes when we all start feeling so depressed and start doing some silly things.

From hyper mood to crying to abnormally eating, texting your ex to trashing his leftover things, all of us do these weird stuff when we get overly emotional. But do you remember what Geet from Jab We Met did to her ex when he ditched her? She called him and abused him, poured all her emotions out over the months she is tolerating and also burnt his photo and dumb in the toilet. I am just giving you the example and telling you to do the same (unless you want to do it), but the point here is to not do silly things as Geet was doing previously instead getting over that bad breakup.

Despite doing nasty things, you can go on a solo trip, go for shopping, plan for a girls’ trip and so on, but do not do these things, scroll down to see what;

No hookups with a random guy

Maybe you are thinking that this can be a way to show your ex that you are enjoying, but think, are you? Don’t hurt yourself and your feeling, and say a big no to hooking up with random people. It doesn’t mean that just because you are broken you need it, be your own boss and life your life without depending on anyone.

No Detective-like Actions

Stop skying on your ex-partner, as now they are not yours and they are free now. You have stopped right away! Don’t stalk them on the street, on Instagram and don’t behave like the creep you have loathed your entire life. Scrolling through their Instagram profile or Facebook profile sometimes is ok, but don’t spend so many hours on it.

Don’t drink like there’s no tomorrow

Getting drunk after the breakup is what that happens with most of the young people. If you are also in the habit of drinking and in your weekdays you are getting drunk and calling, again and again, ex name, it might look creepy. Of course, getting a couple of drink is fine, it actually helps you in forgetting him, but going down on wine bottle than vodka shots is definitely not a good idea.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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