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According to an extramarital dating app Gleeden, seven out of ten women in India cheat on their husband. The reason being of women being unfaithful they do not take part in household chores. Many women betrayed their partners because there was no magic left or there was no spark in their relationships.

The claimed that the moments had gone - The love or magic they had with their partners at the initial stage of their relationship, was not their anymore.

Their life has become monotonous - A survey was done by Gleeden an extramarital dating app, which is used by more than five lakh people in India.

It was titled ‘Why Women commit adultery’ - And, that survey revealed about the metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. It revealed that there maximum number of such women who cheat their husbands in these cities.

Solen Pallet, the marketing expert at Gleeden said, “Four out of 10 women believe that their relationship with their spouse is much stronger after having fun with strangers.” Of the five lakh Indians, 20 percent of men and 13 percent of women accepted that they betray their life partner.

The Gleeden App was launched in France in 2009. It came to India in 2017 and today, it has 30 percent members in India. These include married women of 34 years and 49 years of age group.

Approximately 77 percent of Indian women admitted that the reason for cheating their husbands was that their marriage had become obdurate. And, finding a partner outside of marriage made them realize the excitement in their lives.

It has also been revealed from the survey that in India, gay people stranded in traditional marriages are also getting partners in the growing number with their help.

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